Madonna To Stage "disaster" Show

Madonna is set to perform a controversial concert in Russia. The 'Material Girl' singer wants to stage a show in the main square of St. Petersburg, home of the State Hermitage Museum, in August but local authorities are furious about the plans. They have branded the proposed event a "natural disaster" and the museum's director, Dr. Mikhail Piotrovski will demand the pop superstar signs an agreement to set out decency and volume levels. He fumed: "We want guarantees that there will be no blasphemy." Madonna, 50, is not the first star to be warned about her raunchy stage show. In October 2007, Beyonce Knowles cancelled her concert in Malaysia after she was told to tone down her performance and follow the Muslim country's strict dress code. Gwen Stefani was also told to cover up during her Malaysian concert in August 2007. The flamboyant star wore sober outfits but called it a "major sacrifice". She put jackets over her tops and leotards underneath her skirts and dresses, to conform to the guidelines during the show.


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