Ne-yo Mad + lyrics

LYRICS: (Verse 1) She's starin' at me I'm sittin', wonderin' what she's thinkin' Mmmmmm Nobody's talkin' 'cause talkin' just turns into screamin' Ohhh And now is i'm yellin' over her, she's yellin' over me All that that means is neither of us is listening [and what's even worse] that we don't even remember why were fighting. So both of us are mad for... (HOOK) Nothin' [fighting for] Nothin' [crying for] Nothin' [whooaaa] But we wont let it go for nothin' [no not for] Nothin' This should be nothin' to a love like what we got Ohhh baby... I know sometimes it's gonna rain but baby, can we make up now 'cause I can't sleep through the pain [can't sleep through the pain]. (CHORUS) Girl, i don't wanna go to bed [mad at you] And i don't want you to go to bed [mad at me] No, i don't wanna go to bed [mad at you] And i don't want you to go to bed [mad at me] Ohhh no no no... (VERSE 2) And it gets me upset, girl when your constantly accusing. [askin' questions like you've already known] We're fighting this war, baby when both of us are losing. [This ain't the way that love is supposed to go]. Whoahhhh..... [what happened to workin' it out] We've fall into this place where you ain't backin' down and i ain't backin' down so what the hell do we do now... It's all for.. (HOOK) Nothin' [fighting for] Nothin' [crying for] Nothin' [whooaaa] but we won't let it go for nothin'... [no not for] Nothin' This should be nothin' to a love like what we got Ohhh baby... I know sometimes it's gonna rain but baby, can we make up now 'cause I can't sleep through the pain [can't sleep through the pain]. (CHORUS) Girl, i don't wanna go to bed [mad at you] And i don't want you to go to bed [mad at me] No, i don't wanna go to bed [mad at you] And i don't want you to go to bed [mad at me] Ohhh no no no... (BRIDGE) Oh, baby this love ain't gonna be perfect [perfect, perfect, ohh ohh] and just how good it's gonna be we can fuss and we can fightlong as everythings allright between us... before we go to sleep. Baby, we're gonna be happy. I know sometimes it's gonna rain but baby, can we make up now 'cause I can't sleep through the pain [can't sleep through the pain]. (CHORUS) Girl, i don't wanna go to bed [mad at you] And i don't want you to go to bed [mad at me] No, i don't wanna go to bed [mad at you] And i don't want you to go to bed [mad at me] Ohhh no no no...


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Beyonce Loves Guitar Hero
In an interview with EW, Beyonce talks about her favorite video games.

I like all the Wii games. Love Guitar Hero. This reminds me a little bit of a portable Guitar Hero, which is great, because I don’t want to carry around a big guitar! Growing up, I liked Tetris. I even like BrickBreaker on the BlackBerry.

She has also been recording a commercial for the new Nintendo DSi game Rhythm Heaven.

Damn I’m Old: Celebrity Birthdays

The following celebrities were born on March 19:

Bruce Willis is 54. Renee Taylor (”The Nanny”) is 76. Phyllis Newman is 76. Ursula Andress is 73. Clarence “Frogman” Henry is 72. Ruth Pointer (Pointer Sisters) is 63. Glenn Close is 62. Rapper Bun B (UGK) is 36. Zach Lind (Jimmy Eat World) is 33. Craig Lamar Traylor (”Malcolm in the Middle”) is 20.

Britney Spears-Free of Adnan for Years

According to TMZ, a judge ordered a permanent injunction against Adnan Ghalib to stay away from Britney for 3 years. She had already had a temporary restraining order and Adnan did not show up in court today for the hearing so she got the permanent restraining order. Good for her!

Natasha Richardson’s Ski Accident

Natasha Richardson was skiing on a beginner’s slope near Montreal with her sons when she fell and suffered a horrific head injury. Since the injury, Richardson has been moved to a New York hospital. According to PEOPLE, a family friend has said “There is no chance…it is a fact that her heart is beating but she is brain dead.” On Tuesday night, family and friends gathered for a vigil. Her family’s reps have not commented on her mental condition yet. What an awful tragedy. We can all learn from this and be more careful when at ski resorts as beginner slopes can be just as dangerous as expert slopes

Vince Vaughn’s Fiancee wearing 4 carat ring!

According to PEOPLE, fiancee Kyla Weber and Vince Vaughn were out for a matinee over the weekend when movie-goers noticed the rock on her left hand. Weber is a Canadian realtor and the ring is suppose to be worth $125,000 which he gave her on Valentine’s day. Lucky Girl! No date has been set yet, but Weber has recently moved to L.A.


Jesse McCartney - How Do You Sleep + LYRICS

How Do You Sleep Jesse McCartney Departure (2008) Oh-uh oh-uh oh-uh oh Oh-uh oh-uh oh-uh oh It's been about a year now Ain't seen or heard from you I been missin' you crazy How do you how do you sleep I found the letter you wrote me It still smells just like you Damn those sweet memories How do you how do you sleep How do you sleep Tried my best at movin' on Have yet to find a girl like you See things now I didn't before Now wishin' I had more time with you How do you stay awake Knowin' all I do is think of you All the things we fought about Then never will happen again If I could just see you If I had my way come and getcha girl In your favourite car with the missing top Remember 'round my way where we used to park And did all those things to steal your heart It's been about a year now Ain't seen or heard from you I been missin' you crazy How do you how do you sleep I found the letter you wrote me It still smells just like you Damn those sweet memories How do you how do you sleep It's been about a year now Ain't seen or heard from you I been missin' you crazy How do you how do you sleep I found the letter you wrote me It still smells just like you Damn those sweet memories How do you how do you sleep How do you sleep Baby all that I hear from my friends Again again and again compliments 'bout you They say we saw your girl at the game And damn we gotta say a big mistake by you Not only did your body bang But I miss the conversation too Tell me that you're gettin' no sleep Can't think can't eat till I come see you If I had my way come and getcha girl In your favourite car with the missing top Remember 'round my way where we used to park And did all those things to steal your heart It's been about a year now Ain't seen or heard from you I been missin' you crazy How do you how do you sleep I found the letter you wrote me It still smells just like you Damn those sweet memories How do you how do you sleep How do you sleep Oh-uh oh-uh oh-uh oh Oh-uh oh-uh oh-uh oh It's been about a year now Ain't seen or heard from you I been missin' you crazy How do you how do you sleep I found the letter you wrote me It still smells just like you Damn those sweet memories How do you how do you sleep It's been about a year now Ain't seen or heard from you I been missin' you crazy How do you how do you sleep I found the letter you wrote me It still smells just like you Damn those sweet memories How do you how do you sleep How do you sleep Oh-uh oh-uh oh-uh oh


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Kerry Katona Loves Her New Boobs

The former ‘Atomic Kitten’ singer Kerry Katona had her massive GG boobs surgically reduced to DDs in Septmber after giving birth to her fourth child in April.

Kerry feels much more comfortable with her new size. She reported to The Sun, “I’ve never seen my boobs look so good, they’re perfect.

“I can’t wait to get my sexy tops back on and show them off.”

Even Katona’s husband is happy about the new size. “She’s loads trimmer and she looks exactly like she did when I first started seeing her. I much prefer her like this.

“It’s like I’ve got another bird in bed with me.”

MTV paid for the surgery, because ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ star is bankrupt. Of course there are no free meals, therefore Kerry has to do a MTV reality show called ‘Kerry Katona: Whole Again’

David Duchovny’s Rehab Is Over

David Duchovny got out of a rehabilitation clinic where he checked-in in August because of his addiction to online pornography.

According to Femalefirst David said at the time, “I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family.” ‘The X-files’ star successfully completed his treatment and is ready to start shooting his new film ‘The Joneses’.

The Duchovnys are going to move from Los Angeles to New York, to get away from the Hollywood lifestyle.

Adnan Has Britney Sex Tape

Adnan Ghalib has confirmed that he owns a sex tape featuring himself and the pop-princess Britney Spears.

The singer’s ex-boyfriend is ready to sell the tape for a right price.

He told Heat magazine, “There is such a tape, but I won’t discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries. Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further.”

Ghalib added, “I am not interested in selling out any other details about Britney.”

Hathaway Wants Prada Sequel

Anne Hathaway has admitted that she was so interested in ‘Devil Wears Prada’ sequel that she called the studio chiefs to ask them to write one.

The actress told MTV, “remember calling them after the fervour had died out in America, and Meryl Streep and I were on a press tour in Europe. I was having such a fun time talking about it all that I called up the executives at Fox who had championed it and I said, ‘Can we just come up with a story please?’ And they said ‘We’re working on it.”

Hathaway added, “I’m really, really proud of Fox’s decision not to pursue a sequel. When I did ‘Bride Wars’ with them I asked what happened, and they said, ‘We can’t make a story, and it’s not worth it to damage the original film.’”

“I think if they were to find a story they might, who knows? But sadly, they haven’t come up with one. But who knows? Maybe they will someday.”


Taylor Hanson Says His Big, Young Family ‘Makes Sense’

When 25-year-old Taylor Hanson says the words “I have four” out loud, even he admits that “it sounds pretty crazy.” It “all makes sense” when you meet his children Jordan Ezra, 6, Penelope Anne, 4 next month, River Samuel, 2 ½, and Viggo Moriah, 3-months, however, he says in a new interview with Rolling Stone. “The dots all come together…It may seem like a lot, but it’s great,” he adds. That he’s created such a large family at such an early age means that his own children are uniquely poised to carry on the tradition he created with his own brothers Isaac Hanson and Zac Hanson. Together, the trio comprised the musical group Hanson, and Taylor says it wouldn’t surprise him in the least if ‘Hanson Jr.’ forms someday soon. “It’s funny, River is our second youngest; He’s two and he’s an incredible drummer. He’s got rhythm! And not just the way a parent thinks, ‘Hey my kids are great.’ I mean, you always think your kids are great. He really has rhythm. So we’ll see.” That’s not to say he’d encourage it! “I would never wish [a career in music] on anyone unless they were unable to not do it, which is what we’ve always said about our band,” explains Taylor, adding “if you can’t do anything else, then you should do it.” If it turns out that the kids are indeed ”addicted” to music, however, Taylor says his advice for them will be simple: “Go for it.” Ezra, Penelope, River and Viggo are Taylor’s children with wife Natalie Hanson. Taylor’s new band Tinted Windows — a side project with former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha, Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos and Fountains Of Wayne bassist Adam Schlesinger — is scheduled to release their self-titled debut album in stores April 21st.


Gwen Stefani: My Boys Were Given the Wrong Names!

In the time spent preparing for baby, choosing a name is a critical step, with some parents opting to meet their little one first in order to ensure the moniker is a perfect fit. According to Gwen Stefani, as her two boys grow older and develop their own personalities, she is becoming more convinced there was name mishap along the way! Joking during an interview with 104.7 KISS FM that her sons — 2 ½-year-old Kingston James McGregor and 6-month-old Zuma Nesta Rock — had “the wrong names given to them,” she explains that a swap may be appropriate. “[Kingston] is in that terrible twos. Gavin [Rossdale] calls him Sid Vicious. He’s like, ‘You gave birth to Sid Vicious.’ I’m like, ‘Oops!’ He’s definitely got an attitude and Zuma is the opposite. He’s like this cool, laid back, easy-going guy — is that always how it is?” While Zuma — or ‘Baby Zooms’ as his big brother calls him — is perfectly content to sit back and relax, Kingston seems to be taking after his musician parents, turning into quite the rock star himself! Along with his passion for “[Top 40] hits like his mom,” Kingston enjoys keeping up to speed with the tunes. Beware, don’t touch that dial, says Gwen! “Any song that comes on, he’ll get pissed if you turn the station. He’ll be like, ‘That’s my song! That’s my song!’” A true lover of music, the toddler already has his eye on one icon: Britney Spears. With the popstar living right down the street from the family, Kingston has been known to stop over at her house for a quick hello. “He’s really into Britney’s songs. He’s really into her! He thinks she’s really great and cute and he flirts with her and stuff.” Clearly smitten with their two boys, Gwen shares that she and Gavin are often left in amazement by their beautiful family. “It’s really mind-blowing to be together all these years and then all of a sudden these little creatures come. You’re like, ‘Who are these guys? Where did they come from? And they’re around the whole time,” she laughs. However, despite being “really tired,” the proud mama reveals the couple are about to embark on a new adventure: a No Doubt tour. Scheduled to bring her family out on the road, the group is in for a wild time! “All the No Doubt guys [except Tony] all have kids as well,” she explains. “We basically have to have a playroom on tour! It’s going to be really really fun having them all with us.” More on Gwen’s pregnancy, how Zuma keeps his mama in top shape, and Gwen’s thoughts on the paparazzi below! Ready to head out on the road and see all of her fans, Gwen is thrilled to be past her days as an expectant mom. “I actually don’t really enjoy being pregnant,” she shares. The 39-year-old — who faced morning sickness until she was five-and-a-half months along — admits that the whole “uncomfortable and odd” process is one she has learned to endure. “The first pregnancy, I was on tour until I was four-and-a-half months pregnant. I would cry before I’d go on stage,” she recalls. Once a true believer that the long nine months were to be completely enjoyed, she says her opinions have certainly changed since having two children! “I thought that I was going to be like this earth mother. When people would complain about being pregnant, I was like, ‘What are you talking about? It’s incredible! Just enjoy it.’” In order to prepare her body for the rigorous tour, Gwen has been hitting the road in the mornings, going for jogs and lifting weights. While the exercise routines are paying off, she laughs that her one true secret to staying in shape is toting her “squishy” baby boy Zuma! “I have this little chunky baby. Zuma is like the biggest, chunkiest boy,” she says. “He’s gigantic. He actually gets my arms strong because he weighs so much carrying him around!” Apparently the proud parents aren’t the only ones who think their boys are adorable, whether they be at the park blowing up balloons or out and about running errands around town. At a recent Vanity Fair party, Gwen admits she found it a bit “bizarre” after being told by guests all evening that they enjoyed seeing her family. “Everyone was coming up to me and they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh! Kingston…’ Like they know him!” While the paparazzi shots of her sons are without a doubt cute, the protective mama is still unsure whether she likes their pictures floating around the media. “I’m not quite sure if that’s okay. I think they need to get, like, a permission slip from me.”


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Sheree Murphy Sings the Praises of Baby Yoga

Admitting that she “never wanted to be a housewife,” former Emmerdale actress Sheree Murphy remains exactly that while husband Harry Kewell is away on a soccer assignment in Turkey. The 33-year-old mom of three tells Closer magazine she’s “desperate to get back to work” when Harry returns to England. “I’m happy to do the school run in a tracksuit or jeans, but I do love dressing up and feeling glamorous again.” On those low-key days at home Sheree can often be found doing yoga with her youngest child, Matilda, turning 1 later this month.

“I used to dance at drama school and always found yoga too slow, but now I have kids I find it so relaxing – doing baby yoga sequences with Matilda is a simple and gentle form of exercise. Just swinging her in the tiger in the tree pose gets my arm muscles working.”

There are plenty of benefits for Matilda as well! “The slow movements can really soothe babies,” Sheree explains. “It can even help with trapped wind!” Diet is a big part of Sheree’s efforts to reclaim her pre-baby body, as well. “I’ve found it harder to shift the weight every time – in fact, I think I must have been on a diet ever since I became a mother at 26,” she laments. Because she breastfed each child, Sheree refused to count calories the first two months postpartum but since starting her latest diet she’s been “very disciplined.” So much so, Sheree says she’s even developed ways to avoid the biggest diet saboteur of all: “I stop myself from eating the children’s leftovers by pouring ketchup all over them or putting them straight in the bin,” she reveals. When all else fails, Sheree says she will resort to plastic surgery.

“I’ll definitely have a tummy tuck and a boob lift in the future, but Harry and I would like a fourth child, so I’ll wait until after that.”

In addition to Matilda, Sheree and Harry are parents to Taylor, 7 and Ruby Heather Toni, 5.

Ben Affleck’s Bundle of Joy

A beaming Ben Affleck keeps 7-week-old daughter Seraphina Rose Elizabeth safely under wraps while he and wife Jennifer Garner pick up big sis Violet Anne, 3 (both not pictured), in Santa Monica, Calif. on Friday. The couple, both 36, welcomed their baby girl on January 6th, revealing her name a week later. We’re still waiting for a peek at the newest Affleck! Milla Jovovich Creates Her Own Path In Parenthood A seemingly confident mother, who admits her daughter is “so into me right now,” Milla Jovovich certainly spent her expectant months preparing for the big responsibility. “When I was pregnant I read so many different books on parenting and philosophies on bringing up kids,” she reveals in Interview magazine. Although her search has not delivered a book that the first-time mom “really connected” with, she has created her own path down the journey of parenthood. “I find pieces from a lot of different ones that I relate to,” she confesses. While Milla has yet to come across a book that completely satisfies her parenting goals, she was fortunate to find a Resources for Infant Educators (RIE) believer in actor William H. Macy, who has two daughters with his actress wife Felicity Huffman. Over lunch, Milla and Bill have been known to spend “half our conversation[s]” on alternative parenting methods, discussing and exploring approaches to parenthood. Intrigued by RIE, Milla finds the hands-off approach to raising children “really interesting,” as parents encourage their kids to “make decisions” on their own. “It’s this philosophy that’s based on allowing kids to reach their potential without too many of your opinions involved, where you support them but at the same time you let them deal with things on their own. You don’t force them to do things. You really let them naturally do what they’re going to do.” One area where Milla has skipped the parenting books and followed her own family’s experience is that of potty training her 16-month-old daughter Ever Gabo. “Russians are pretty serious about potty training,” she explains. True to her culture, the proud mama reveals she wasted no time with her baby girl, saying “we’ve had Ever on the potty since she was like, four months old.” Despite their pediatrician’s reservations, Milla “comes from a different place,” one which, she says, has allowed Ever to be well on her way to leaving her diaper days behind her. “Every time she drinks, every time she eats, like half an hour after, she’s on the potty,” notes Milla. “I just have to be super on it. I’m telling you…Ever will come up and be like, ‘Uh-uh-uh.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, potty?’” However, the model can’t help but joke about any lasting effects her parenting skills will have on her baby girl! “She’ll literally tell us [she has to use the potty]. I mean, it’s not all the time, but she does it. And now it’s like a game, because she’ll do that, and then I’ll say, ‘Potty?’ and she’ll go, ‘No,’ and run away. And then we’ll, like, chase her around the couch…She’ll probably hate me in 10 years.” Continue reading to find out why Paul Anderson is happy to have had a girl!


Catherine Zeta-Jones was the hot girl from Zorro who brought my father back to me, says Cameron Douglas

He speaks rapidly, laughs frequently and has a similar charm and self-deprecating humour.

The hooded red sweatshirt and striped boardwalk shorts might not be quite his father’s nor his grandfather’s style, but there is no mistaking the fact – right down to his hint of a chin dimple – that the young man in the fashionable diner is a member of the Douglas acting dynasty.

Cameron Douglas, the first-born son of Michael Douglas, is 30 years old and yet seems years younger and vulnerable with it.
Like father like son: Cameron with his father, Michael Douglas

It’s as though the swagger that came quite naturally to his grandfather – the matinee idol Kirk – and which his father learned along the way, has yet to kick in with this particular scion.

So far, Cameron has lived in the shadow – some would say under the burden – of his famous name. As a lonely only child, Cameron, whose mother was Michael’s first wife, the model Diandra Luker, appeared to have everything except normality.

Although born into a vastly wealthy family, the reality was that he was frequently uprooted to fit in with his father’s filming schedule and shunted between the family mansion at Santa Barbara in California and a penthouse in New York.

His troubled adolescence happened to coincide with a late blossoming of his father’s career when films such as Wall Street in 1987 and Basic Instinct in 1992 catapulted Michael from B-list to A-list and finally enabled him to compete in the stardom stakes with his own father.

'Cementing the family together': Cameron with Catherine and his grandfather Kirk Douglas at his 90th birthday in 2006

And while Cameron will now say – rather generously and maturely under the circumstances – that Michael ‘did his best’ as a parent, there is no escaping the fact that he grew up in an unsettled, surreal world from which his father was absent for much of the time.

No wonder he has struggled with his identity, when the girls at school told him they fancied his father rather than him. At 17 he dropped out, got involved in the wrong crowd, earned convictions for cocaine possession and dangerous driving while drunk and attracted a sackload of lurid headlines about ‘Michael Douglas’s Troubled Son’.

As with so many similar tales of Hollywood excess, Cameron could have limped along, living off his famous relatives’ reputation and money. And yet there is an admirable steeliness about him and a determination not to let his life rot away.

Now professing to be clean of drugs and about to get his first starring role in a movie, Cameron, in his first ever interview, tells of the complex relationship he has with his father and how his stepmother, the Welsh-born actress Catherine Zeta Jones, helped him grow up, find a focus in life and ‘cement’ the family bond.

Hollywood royalty: But away from the red carpet Catherine Zeta-Jones is 'just a normal, no make-up mum' who puts family above everything else, says Cameron

Zeta-Jones was only 29 herself when she met Michael at the Deauville Film Festival in France in 1998, and closer in age to Cameron than the man she was to go on to marry and have two children, Dylan and Carys, with. Michael was famously quoted as saying that he wanted her to be the mother of his children – and, intended or not, she has also proved a highly capable stepmother to Cameron.

Cameron says: ‘I remember when Dad met Catherine. We were talking one day and he said he’d met this terrific person. ‘I said, “Who is it?”

‘He said, “The girl from Zorro,” and I replied, “Wow, she’s hot!”’

Now, 11 years after that first meeting, Cameron says: ‘Catherine gets a lot of stick. People see this image of her and she’s someone who does put on her game face when she goes out.

She’s the ultimate professional and when she’s walking the red carpet or promoting a movie I can see how some people might regard her as tough or perhaps uncompromising.

But I honestly cannot say enough good things about her. In private she is warm and someone who puts family above everything else. When she is away from the spotlight she’s down-to-earth and totally into bringing the family together at every opportunity.

‘When she came into our family it could so easily have gone another way. You hear stories all the time about the younger stepmother pushing away the kids from a previous marriage.

‘But from the first day I met her, she said, “I want us to be friends and I want you to know that you are a huge part of our family and are welcome any time.'

‘She has been as good as her word. Dad and I have had our ups and downs over the years but Catherine is someone who has cemented the family together. She and Dad were in Los Angeles two weeks ago because he got some sort of lifetime achievement award and we all went out to dinner. I’ve never seen my father as happy as he is with her. It’s cool to see.’

In his baseball cap with its upturned rim and his little black slip-on pumps, there is a touch of the Charlie Browns about Cameron. He admits he is something of a ‘boy child’. And yet, as he talks, a fascinating picture emerges of the relationships within the Douglas household.

He jokes that he ‘inherited all my dad’s bad qualities’. Indeed Michael, although now a serene and contented 64-year-old, was once himself a highly troubled young man who lived in the shadow of a movie icon. Even he has said it took a long time to prioritise his responsibilities as a father and that Cameron paid the price for his ambition.

Michael has admitted he wants to be a better father to Dylan and Carys than he was to Cameron. He told one interviewer: ‘I wasn’t really there for Cameron. I was trying to forge a career and a family at the same time and my parenting suffered.’

And yet Cameron shows no hint of bitterness. He says: ‘Dylan and Carys are great kids. It’s wonderful to see Dad with them. He spends all his time with them. But am I jealous? No.

‘When I was growing up my father was in a different place in his career. He was the best father he could be to me. He came to all my games at school when he could and he was as involved as he could be with me. But he was frequently away. I’ve talked about it to my father and Catherine and I know Dad feels some guilt about it. But I bear no ill will towards him. He did what he had to do to get on and he did it because he wanted to prove himself and make his own way in the world. I respect him for that.’

But it was Catherine, now 39, who made him finally realise that whatever psychological hang-ups he had about being the son of a successful actor, his father had suffered in a similar way and that it was possible for Cameron to be his own man. Cameron says: ‘One day, I told Catherine how sometimes it was hard always being referred to as “Michael Douglas’s son” and she said, “Well your dad says the same thing. For years he was Kirk Douglas’s son.”

‘He’s proved it is possible to break away from that and make your own way in the world and that’s what I’m trying to do.’

Cameron took his first tentative steps as an actor six years ago in a film with his father and grandfather. And although they were trying to help the boy fashion a career, perhaps it was an unwise choice of script. The film was called It Runs In The Family and Cameron, in awe of the two older men, admits he squandered the opportunity.

He recalls: ‘It was my first proper shot at acting and it was amazing getting up each day and going to work with my dad and grandad. I learned a lot from them both. But I wasn’t ready to really go for it back then. I had opportunities and I didn’t make the most of them.

‘There was a time when Dad stopped supporting me financially for a while and I had to stand on my own feet. It was the best thing that could happen. I got my head around it and started my own business, running parties. I made my own money and it was good. I was never estranged from Dad but it was strained.’

This year, he will, for the first time in his life, get the limelight all to himself. The starring role he is preparing for is in The Beautiful Insiders, a £1million movie he describes as a Bonnie and Clyde-type romantic drama. Filming begins in Swansea this June. He says his stepmother is thrilled that his first major acting role will be in her home town.

‘She’s got all her family there and I know most of them from family vacations. I know they’re going to look after me and show me around.’

It’s an exciting prospect for him but for years Cameron shunned what he calls ‘the family business’. He says: ‘When I was growing up there was no pressure for me to go into acting. When I was in high school I got heavily into music. I thought that would be my career.’

At 17, Cameron dropped out of school and started working as a DJ, into house and trance music. He admits: ‘Drugs and partying were part of that scene. I don’t regret anything I did because I learned a lot. I was hanging out with people who didn’t care who my father was. But I don’t dwell on that time.’

Maybe that’s because ‘that time’ included frequent brushes with the law. In 1996, he ran into a car at a red light which, in turn, shunted into a car being driven by an off-duty Secret Service agent. When the agent tried to subdue Cameron, he drove off with the agent hanging from the car.

Four blocks later he crashed into a fountain. Cameron ended up serving four months in a juvenile prison. There were frequent busts for drugs, mostly cocaine, and stints in rehabilitation centres including the famed Betty Ford clinic.

Of his father’s famous stint in rehab for sex addiction he says simply: ‘Experts say addictions might be in the genes. Who knows? Dad’s totally into being healthy these days.’

When Cameron was 21, his father divorced his mother. The marriage was formally ended after 23 years in 2000, just months before Michael married Catherine in a £1million wedding at the Plaza Hotel in New York, where Cameron was best man.

Cameron sees his father and Catherine frequently. Indeed, he is planning to move from Los Angeles to New York in the next fortnight to be closer to the pair, who are moving from Bermuda to Manhattan.

His mother Diandra, now 50 – who secured Cameron a £50million trust fund as part of her divorce settlement – had surrogate twins four years ago with an ex-boyfriend and also adopted a three-year-old daughter. She too lives in New York.

Cameron says: ‘This is going to be the first time in years where I’ve lived in the same place as my mum and dad. I love being the big brother to all the younger ones. Now I want to be a role model. I’m in the best place I’ve ever been. It’s taken me some time but I’ve finally got there.’

He says it was Catherine who invited him to spend more time at the main family home on the island of Bermuda. He says: ‘I’ve spent a lot of time there with Dad, Catherine and the kids. In Bermuda, there’s no Hollywood bull***t.

‘Catherine doesn’t wear make-up, she’s just a normal mum. She and Dad spend most of their time with the kids. Often she’ll join Dad and me on the sofa and watch an American football game.’

Being third generation Hollywood royalty does have its advantages, of course. Two years ago, Cameron accompanied his father and stepmother on a luxury yacht cruising around the British Virgin Islands and he is a frequent visitor to the couple’s homes around the globe – in Majorca, New York, LA, Quebec and Wales.

He says: ‘Having the Douglas name has opened doors for me but that’s all it does. If you mess up and don’t produce, the door slams harder in your face.

‘I’m ready to work now and get serious about my career. I’m trying to focus on the future and not dwell on the past. I have changed my lifestyle and feel like I’ve grown up. ‘Dad and Catherine have both given me lots of advice about acting but they don’t cram it in my face. I know they are there for me if I have any questions.

‘One thing Dad has taught me is that the real joy in life comes from setting a goal and making it on your own. Finally, I feel like that is what I am ready to do.’


hot womans

Martina Colombari italian sexy woman martina colombari Her first step into the hall of fame was winning Italy's most important beauty contest, Miss Italia in 1991. She was then 16; and, it is said her parents covered the walls of their family-run pizzeria in Riccione with photos of her. Since thenshe's then she's appeared as co-presenter and guest in numerous tv shows, had photos taken for many calendars, and was perhaps one of the first young women in Italy's show business to have a footballer as boyfriend, AC Milan's Billy Costacurta.

italian sexy woman Elenoire CasalegnoA special mention should be made for Elenoire Casalegno. Yet another calendar girl, sport tv showgirl and beauty contest winner - The Look of the Year (1994). For a change, however, she's not the face of a line of lingerie; but rather, a confectionary firm in Piedmont. Not that this has in any way harmed her ex-volleyball player's perfect body! Other show girls who deserve a special mention in this italian sexy woman article include lingerie stars and show girls Federica Fontana, Flavia Vento, Alessia Mertz and Paola Barale. For pictures of other sexy Italian women, just look below!

sexy woman Deborah Sevaggio Debora Salvalaggio

Federica Felini sexy italian women Federica Felini

Federica Ridolfi sexy italian Federica Ridolfi


Beyonce 1998 2008

On a recent shoot for her new music video, Beyonce donned a mermaid-style dress, previously worn by Jennifer Lopez 10 years ago, and reignited the flame on the question of her originality.
Check out the lowdown by clicking here, it seems that everyone from Kylie Minogue, Rihanna, Britney Spears and Alice Dellal, has endured the wrath of Beyonce.
Beyonce has made a career out of taking things that were previously done and trying to pass them off as originals, and the sad part about it is most people buy it, but being that I keep up on the latest in celebrities, I'm not one of them. That said, the Rihanna comparisons were laughable, because she has done the same, just ask Kelis and Fefe Dobson, even Beyonce. As for the Jennifer Lopez situation, IMO, if she's wore it before, you should never attempt it, because compared to her its just going to look second rate, which is very apparent in the picture above.


Britney cover special

Check out a stunning and healthy looking Britney Spears covering the January 2009 issue of 'Glamour':


Movie Premieres: 'Cadillac Records' NYC Premiere

Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles arrive at the NYC premiere for the film Cadillac Records on Monday night at Loews theater in New York. Other guests included the film’s costars Jeffrey Wright, Gabrielle Union, Mos Def and Columbus Short, as well as, Ne-Yo, Diddy, Toccara Jones, and Tina Knowles to show support for the film.
Cadillac Records hits theaters this Friday, December 5th.
Beyonce looked absolutely radiant and Jay, is well....Jay, I was also not to keen on what Diddy was wearing, in fact, it makes him look feminine, overall everyone look good though.


Keyshia Cole's 'A Different Me' Tracklisting

The official album tracklisting for Keyshia Cole’s forthcoming album ‘A Different Me’ has just been unveiled. Check it out below:
1. A Different Me (Intro)
2. Make Me Over
3. Please Don’t Stop
4. Erotic
5. You Complete Me
6. No Other featuring Amina Harris
7. Oh-Oh Yeah-Yeah featuring Nas
8. Playa Cardz Right featuring 2Pac
9. Brand New
10. Trust featuring Monica
11. Thought You Should Know
12. This Is Us
13. Where This Love Could End Up
14. Beautiful Music
15. A Different Me (Outro)


Kevin Federline Breaks Silence On Britney

Kevin Federline has been called many things in the nearly five years since Britney Spears walked into his life: boy toy, gold-digger, wannabe rapper, partier. These days he answers to one name: Daddy.
Since splitting with Spears in 2006 – and then watching in fear as she went through her very public breakdown – the former backup dancer, 30, has channeled all of his energy into their sons Preston, 3, and Jayden, 2. (Federline also has two kids, Kori, 6, and Kaleb, 4, with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, 32.)
Now that Spears, 27, is getting her life back on track, they're sharing parenting duties again – and Federline is ready to tell his side of the story exclusively to PEOPLE.
Do you remember when you first met Britney?
I met her at a club in Hollywood, Joseph's. Our eyes met and that was it. We just hit it off right away. I learned real fast how much of a whirlwind the press and everything was.
What are your happiest memories of the marriage?
Well, getting married. I never thought that I would get married but it wound up happening. That was a really, really, happy, exciting moment. I pretty much realized that I was giving my life to her, and I was doing it without question.
What went wrong?
It's hard enough to be in a marriage, and then have a kid, then kids, it changes everything. For me, I'd become more concerned with my children. Not that I ignored Britney, but my kids are always most important ... I mean, we were having complications. I didn't give her an ultimatum, but I was trying to work stuff out with her, and she didn't even talk to me or anything and went behind my back and filed [for divorce]. [I was] completely blindsided.
A lot of people assumed you fought for custody of the kids because of money.
My first question to [my lawyer] was, "Am I ever going to be able to see my children?" I told him that I would spend every last dime that I had to make sure that my children are okay. That's all that mattered. I didn't know how much power Britney had. That really scared me.
How did you react in January when Britney locked herself in the bathroom with Jayden and was later taken to the hospital on a gurney?
That whole night is a blur. You want to talk about one of my lowest points of depression, that was probably one of them. I was very, very worried for her 'cause I care about her. That's the mother of my children. Just because I'm not in love with her doesn't mean that I don't love her. I'm definitely rooting for her. There's nothing more that I want than for her to be in the best health and doing what she loves to do.
Are things getting better?
Oh, man, it's totally turning around. It works out that [the kids] get to see her. There's structure over there, there's structure at my house. We're trying to keep the same type of schedule. It doesn't have to be completely perfect, but the foundation is there.


Tyler Perry Sued For Copyright Infringement

Tyler Perry went to court to face allegations that he stole material from someone else for his blockbuster film “Diary of a Mad Black Woman.”
Donna West is suing the actor-screenwriter for copyright infringement in U.S. District Court and wants a jury to award her family all profits made from the film.
“I can’t put my play on because the stories are basically the same and nobody wants to see that again,” she said.
West testified Tuesday that she developed a script titled “Fantasy of a Black Woman” based primarily on her own experiences. With her in the starring role, the play was performed in July 1991 at the Junior Black Academy of Arts and Letters at the Dallas Convention Center.
“The play was opened to the public. Anyone could have attended,” West said.
Perry’s movie, which earned some $50 million, came out in 2005. Jurors on Tuesday watched the film and listened to a reading of the script from West’s play.
In her opening remarks to the jury, Perry’s attorney, Veronica Lewis, said her client is an “immensely talented” individual “who has no need whatsoever” to use the materials of others. Lewis noted that Perry had experienced considerable success before and after the film, “so why would he need to copy Ms. West’s script?”
Testimony was expected to resume Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis told jurors he anticipates the case will be completed by next Tuesday.


Britney Spears' 27th Birthday Bash

Britney Spears had a whirlwind birthday on Tuesday that started with a wild performance on "Good Morning America," marking the release of her sixth studio album, "Circus," and the continued later that night with a celebration at New York City's Tenjune nightclub where Access Hollywood was on the scene.
Brit's 27th birthday bash was so exclusive that there was not one, but two VIP areas -- the second was within the first and guarded by three security people. But, the tight security did not stop a slew of stars from showing up to help the pop star celebrate her birthday.
Bass, Heidi Klum, Ciara, Jeremy Piven, Will.i.Am, Russell Simmons, actor Josh Lucas, "Lipstick Jungle's" Robert Buckley and Wade Robson were among Britney's guests at the club that was transformed with circus-themed accouterments, including a hot dog stand, cotton candy machines, a man on stilts and jugglers.
The birthday girl also had members from Team Brit by her side, including mom Lynne Spears, dad Jamie Spears, and manager Larry Rudolph -- along with her assistant, choreographer and reps from her label, Jive Records.


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