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usb-fruits.jpg Don’t eat these, they’re not dessert. These are USB Flash drives from Brando. They come in fruit shapes (watermelon or strawberry), BBQ (chicken wings or roast pork), fast food, and biscuit designs. To be honest the BBQ ones look pretty nasty (not pictured) but the fruits (pictured above) look pretty tempting. Priced at $28 each, each drive kicks you with 4GB of storage. Keep these little sneaky USB thumb drives away from your kids! bogen_dust_magnifier-thumb-450×337.jpg The new BriteVue Sensor Loupe 7X (magnification power) from Visible Dust makes it possible to locate the smallest dust particles attached to your DSLR camera sensor which other wise can ruin your ultra-high resolution images. The SensorLoupe 7X utilizes advanced features such as BriteVue XL technology with high quality K9 optical glass for high resolution and clarity. The SensorLoupe 7X has six super bright LEDs with vari-angled orientation to help create a 3D image of dust particles. The BriteVue XL design aids to easily locate the tinniest dust particles, defect or scratches on the sensor as well. The SensorLoupe 7X is an indispensable tool for photographers that want to eliminate F22 tests and other dust screening methods, save time and keep shooting. The BriteVue Sensor Loupe 7X is available for approximately $90. m660i-gsm-cell-phone-camera-watch_iio5y_1333.jpg In case you happen to be a Ferrari fan with pockets that don’t run deep enough to buy original Ferrari merchandise, I’m sure you’ll certainly love this Ferrari branded M660i Cell Phone Camera Watch. The GSM 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900Mhz device comes with 1.5” color TFT with Bluetooth hands free, SMS and MMS messaging, an integrated 1.3 megapixel camera. an inbuilt FM tuner and media player compatible with MP3, MP4 and WAV file formats. The M660i also comes laced with a 1GB TF card, multi-language support, inbuilt USB connection, and can last over 3 hours on a call and 100 hours on standby on a full charge. With a red or blue trim bringing out the Prancing Horse logo, the $230 M660i GSM Cell Phone Camera Watch is just a must have for all Ferrari and watch cellphone lovers. 6-26-08-dxg-567v.jpg Uh oh, DXG’s creeping its way up into luxury territory. Earlier this year, we saw the outfit dish out a craptacular $149 HD camcorder, and just a few months back we were introduced to the $169 DXG-569V. Now, it’ll take another Hamilton in order to rightfully claim its newest unit, the DXG-567V. The pocket-friendly cam is available in four different hues, ships with rechargeable AA batteries and uploads directly to YouTube and other video sharing sites without much hassle at all. DXG claims that this bugger captures video at 1,280 x 720 (30fps), but even at $179, we have our doubts about the overall quality. Better watch out though, by this time next year you’ll see DXG perched up beside Sony, Panasonic and the rest of the respected gang. belkinformedcase.jpg Belkin has released a number of protective cases for the 3G iPhone. The above is the Formed Leather case. Ultra-slim formed-leather construction, soft-microfiber lining, opening aligned with iPhone 3G speaker, light and rigid protective layer and available in black and pink. These Belkin cases will be available next month in the US, the same time as the 3G iPhone available for grab.


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