Beyonce 1998 2008

On a recent shoot for her new music video, Beyonce donned a mermaid-style dress, previously worn by Jennifer Lopez 10 years ago, and reignited the flame on the question of her originality.
Check out the lowdown by clicking here, it seems that everyone from Kylie Minogue, Rihanna, Britney Spears and Alice Dellal, has endured the wrath of Beyonce.
Beyonce has made a career out of taking things that were previously done and trying to pass them off as originals, and the sad part about it is most people buy it, but being that I keep up on the latest in celebrities, I'm not one of them. That said, the Rihanna comparisons were laughable, because she has done the same, just ask Kelis and Fefe Dobson, even Beyonce. As for the Jennifer Lopez situation, IMO, if she's wore it before, you should never attempt it, because compared to her its just going to look second rate, which is very apparent in the picture above.


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