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Martina Colombari italian sexy woman martina colombari Her first step into the hall of fame was winning Italy's most important beauty contest, Miss Italia in 1991. She was then 16; and, it is said her parents covered the walls of their family-run pizzeria in Riccione with photos of her. Since thenshe's then she's appeared as co-presenter and guest in numerous tv shows, had photos taken for many calendars, and was perhaps one of the first young women in Italy's show business to have a footballer as boyfriend, AC Milan's Billy Costacurta.

italian sexy woman Elenoire CasalegnoA special mention should be made for Elenoire Casalegno. Yet another calendar girl, sport tv showgirl and beauty contest winner - The Look of the Year (1994). For a change, however, she's not the face of a line of lingerie; but rather, a confectionary firm in Piedmont. Not that this has in any way harmed her ex-volleyball player's perfect body! Other show girls who deserve a special mention in this italian sexy woman article include lingerie stars and show girls Federica Fontana, Flavia Vento, Alessia Mertz and Paola Barale. For pictures of other sexy Italian women, just look below!

sexy woman Deborah Sevaggio Debora Salvalaggio

Federica Felini sexy italian women Federica Felini

Federica Ridolfi sexy italian Federica Ridolfi


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