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Cindy Crawford Strips!

Cindy Crawford wants you to know that although she might not be a supermodel anymore, she still looks damn good. And to prove her point, Cindy has gone naked in the latest issue of Allure. And man, that woman still has the bod.

In the shoot, Cindy is stripped down and lathered up. But that's not all... Cindy also revealed her anti ageing secret which can make you look fab at 43 too!

According to the article in the magazine, "Crawford's skin-care regimen includes a day cream with antioxidants, a sunscreen, a night cream, an eye cream, microdermabrasion and protecting the skin on her hands, neck, and chest."

She also preaches on the importance of hair colour. "You can get any plastic surgery in the world, but hair colour is what enables women to look younger longer. I've also become more aware of hair health...I give myself a hair treatment when I'm in my sauna to keep it conditioned."

Are you guys taking notes already?

Britney Is Sweet Like Candie's

Britney Spears kicks off her much-anticipated Circus Tour in America today at New Orleans. That girl just goes from strength to strength. Just yesterday, it was announced that Britney will be the face for Candie's clothing line. She will appear in Candie's print, television as well as online marketing campaign. Britney joins other popular celebs such as Fergie, Hayden Panettiere, Hilary Duff and Jenny McCarthy who have all represented Candie's.

Here's hoping Britney will be able to bring her Circus to town. Well, one can hope right?

Oscar Fashion: OMG! What Were They Thinking?

Did you yawn at the clothes that the celebrities wore to the Oscars yesterday? I did. Oscars has always been THE award show to watch when it comes to fashion and Hollywood but yesterday, the stars played it safe... too safe that there wasn't any memorable outfit, if you ask me. In the previous years where Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts made a statement on the red carpet with their impeccable gowns, the red carpet for the 81st Academy Awards will be remembered as a year of blah.

However, there are always a group of celebs who we like to categorised under the label "OMG! WTF! What were they thinking?"

Gee, where do we start? Hair is wrong, belt is oh-so-wrong, and that dress, Miley, that dress should be doused with kerosene and burnt!

How can Beyonce's mum let her daughter step out of the house wearing this dress from their label, House Of Dereon? Plus, we are so over this tight fish-tail style you fancy, Beyonce.

Jessica Biel thinks she can fool us but we know that isn't a dress. The lazy actress just wrapped Justin Timberlake's bath towel and rushed to the Oscars.

J.Lo Will Flaunt Herself, Shamelessly, At The Oscars

In less than 12 hours, the Oscars will be on and while some can't wait to watch the telecast, most of us, this blogger included, are more interested in who will be wearing who. Mind you, the world is going through an economic crisis so celebrities are careful on what they wear because they don't want to send out the wrong signals. Even the after-parties, we hear, are dramatically scaled down because of the credit crunch.

But not for Jennifer Lopez. This diva doesn't seem to be sensitive about the economic crisis. According the Woman's Wear Daily, the Latina "won't be letting the economic depression affect her wardrobe."

She told the fashion trade paper, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with playing dress up right now. Who wouldn’t want to wear borrowed dresses and borrowed jewellery? I think you can get criticised if you’re wearing borrowed dresses now because it’s borrowed, and I think you can get criticised if it’s not because you bought it during the current economy. So, I say do what makes you happy and wear what you want because the only thing that really matters is if your mother calls you up the next day and says, ‘What were you wearing?"

All eyes will be on you J.Lo!

Heidi Klum Strips For German GQ

Her critics back home in Germany think she's too heavy for a supermodel. But Heidi Klum proves 'em wrong by baring it all in the latest edition of German GQ.

Even her pop star husband, Seal is thrilled with the naked shots. "My husband has seen the photos," beams the Project Runway host. " I think it’s good to be sexy for your partner."

With three kids in tow, Heidi is still hot, hot, hot!


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